About Acero Group

ACEROGROUP C.A., established in Venezuela since 2012 as a Company focused on provide Engineering & international procurement, construction CaraLean buy research paper online management, installation and maintenance operations

These Services include Engineering & international procurement, construction management, installation and maintenance operations, .

Our Company CaraLean buy research paper online provide services in a wide of Productive and Logistical areas:

  • Import, export, representation, distribution, trading, manufacturing, wholesale and retail purchasing of heavy duty equipment, parts and accessories, repair, assembly, and maintenance for light, medium and heavy industry. Import, manufacturing, Sales representation of parts for all kind of transportation equipment, distribution and commercialization of all kind of technologies, imports/exports of ferrous materials and supply of tools (mechanical, electrical), hardware, including electric equipment
  • Inspection and testing procedures for Industrial Facilities and related equipment , supply and application of chemical products for water treatment industry, decontamination & cleaning services for heat exchangers, boilers, cooling towers and pressure vessels.
  • Supply, construction and maintenance of pipelines for power distribution lines, pumping stations and power generation plants. Construction works for hydraulic engineering, electrical engineering, civil works, drainages, bridges, gates, tunnels, dykes, roads, among others.

Additionally ACEROGROUP provides access to the best and most competitive input markets, in this way our customers can access the best prices and delivery times to optimize their performance.

Our reputation

It has been built on our success to manage the most complex commitments, offering a wide range of integrated services throughout the execution cycle.


Be a leading provider of products and services.

We will do everything possible to provide and develop the best solution from the hand of our team.

Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Achieve long-term sustainable growth.

As an international procurement company, by adding value to our clients’ operations with highly differentiated products and services as leaders in the world. We strive to be true partners of our global clients, helping to achieve greater success through our innovation and creative solutions to any challenge.

The heart of ACEROGROUP

“People are the heart of our business.”

To ensure that we meet this fundamental value, we have assembled a group of passionate leaders who guide our company with respect, empathy and open communication. Together, they foster a culture that promotes personal and professional development, respect, and the balance between work and positive life, which gives us rewards and success at all levels.